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Sage Community Foundation

Sage Community Foundation in Rwanda was borne out of the need to have an in-country partner for SageView Foundation. This will enable us to specifically address the programs that we support while having a day to day presence that will enable us to better meet the needs of those we serve.

Our vision for the organization in 2019 and 2020 is to provide resources for impoverished women and children to raise their quality of living. We believe in the potential for every individual to have the skills and education to thrive and achieve a sustainable livelihood.

We are committed to excellence as we manage the following initiatives:


We are focused on developing relationships with schools whose results are above the national education

  • Nyamata High School
    25 Students will receive scholarships and we will monitor their progress and help provide them with resources needed to transition to the next educational level.
  • Nyamata Primary School Over 50 students will receive a scholarship to attend this private school. They are from a rural area and the school is committed to helping them achieve the class level appropriate for their age
  • Akilah Institute We are committed to providing mentorship and scholarships to women from the Nyamata, Bugesera area so enable them to graduate with a degree


There are 75 women who will receive access to an 18 month course that gives practical life skills, health awareness, and vocational courses that help them launch their own business ventures.

The graduates of this program create co-ops and outgrowing groups and we make loans to them to help them launch their own enterprises.


We are proud to partner with Edify as they designate private schools in rural Rwanda that have the drive, protocol, and vision to expand and raise the level of education for underserved children. We partner with them to provide loans that build classrooms, learning centers and computer labs


We are in the process of acquiring land near Sunripe Farm in Bugesera that will serve as a venue for continuing education for those working in agriculture on the farm, near the farm, and throughout Rwanda. We also plan to have a computer and learning lab for adults and students.


As we are made aware of the needs of widows living in impoverished conditions we are committed to partnering with communities to provide roofs. If there is a need for a complete structure we also will work with the individual, if it’s approved, to construct a home.


  • Sunripe Farms Rwanda
    We recognize the need for healthy nourishment in order to learn and to perform. For this reason, we will be providing lunch at Sunripe Farms Rwanda to all employees (salaried, daily laborers, and contracted laborers) when they are working to supplement their diets.
  • We also will pay the required stipend for all students that we sponsor in Nyamata so that they can be the recipients of the feeding programs at the schools they attend.


We are privileged to be able to serve the people of Rwanda and we are committed to identifying issues where our resources can be used to address the challenges that we see the residents in the area of the farm face.  As a result we have hired a local executive director for the foundation who will be responsible for the successful execution of the initiatives that we commit to.  Adam Tchelezo, our country director, is present in the area and is dedicated to his assignment.

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