Our Mission

At SageView, we are privileged to be a part of finding solutions for those in need.

Our mission is focused in two areas:

  1. To meet the needs of women and children in crisis by providing healthcare and education opportunities.
  2. To promote micro-financing initiatives that bring sustainable change to both local and international economies.

We advance our mission by coming along side other organizations that provide relief and hope.

Our Story


Each individual has a unique journey of discovery as they find their own calling in the world.  Without exposure to those in need in your community, or around the world, its is hard to find what you are being called to do and where you are called to make a difference.

SageView Foundation was born out of these such experiences. Randy and Mary Long served individually and together, within their own community, and around the world, as a family, and with their church.


The Longs have made it a priority to be role models to their children and have encouraged them to be global citizens with a heart for God. As a family, they have traveled around the world visiting missions, orphanages, and schools, as well as meeting with government officials, to encourage believers and assess needs.


The decision was then made to make a determined and significant commitment to create a foundation that would be a reflection of the values that had shaped their lives. This is not a decision that is made lightly or without wrestling with what your personal calling is. It is not something that you can walk away from when it becomes too burdensome.


Just as SageView Advisory Group is committed to providing exceptional service to its clients. SVF is committed to mentoring and inspiring others to find their value as contributors in a world where there is so much suffering. As a result it is essential that the SageView team be included on the journey.

Watching the SageView team in regional offices embrace the needs of organizations in their own community, serve together, and support the foundation has been a great honor and reward.

Become a part of our continuing story.