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Northrise University

SageView Foundation has supported the work of Moffat and Doreen Zimba at Northrise University since 2015.  Our founders and directors have visited the school and seen the endeavors of many of the graduates and how they are impacting their communities. The founders of Northrise have also visited Sunripe Farms in Rwanda to lend their support, wisdom, and encouragement.  They have been both an inspiration and a valuable resource to SageView Foundation.


Northrise University (NU) is a Christ-centered university in Zambia, Africa dedicated to the educational, spiritual, and economic transformation of Zambia and Sub-Saharan Africa ONE STUDENT at a time.

Academic Reputation

Northrise is the first private university in Zambia to receive full accreditation. Their academic standards are considerably higher than those of state universities, and they consistently produce the highest quality job candidates and entrepreneurs in Zambia. Their graduates have a great effect on their community and country.

Spiritual Formation

A Christ-centered environment is critical to character formation. Students are engaged in service in the community, one-on-one mentorship, Bible study and spiritual discussion.. This difference in Northrise graduates is noted by employers who return to Northrise looking for additional employees of similar caliber.

Economic Empowerment

95% of Northrise students are employed before graduation with a reputation for producing top quality thinkers, with character to match.  Northrise students decide to stay in Zambia and receive top positions and quick promotions, multiplying their impact on the country.

Strategic Vision Partners

While Northrise is led by Zambians, they have secured strategic partners to help us grow into a strong, respected institution.  Partnerships with Baylor University, Dordt University, Grand Canyon University, and LeTourneau University allow for expanded programs.

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