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Edify is dedicated to the education of the poor. It is the greatest opportunity for transformation in the developing world.  A young person with book smarts and life skills can create a small business or find employment that will lift his or her family out of poverty; a young person grounded in a Christ-centered faith will develop the moral foundation necessary to transform a culture and remake a society.

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In slums and rural hamlets across the world – you’ll be stunned to discover a competitive marketplace of private schools that cater to very poor students.  The typical school won’t win any beauty pageants, with their dirt floors and cramped quarters. These schools provide a surprisingly robust education – often far superior to the government alternative, when one exists.

Edify, a non-profit organization registered in the U.S., is focused on delivering 4 key resources to help Christ-centered schools lift their communities out of poverty:

Helping them to effectively grow their school attendance, training their leaders and teachers, providing loans to improve facilities, utilizing education technology to graduate employable youth. In Rwanda

SageView has partnered with Edify in Bugesera District Rwanda:

At Nyamata High School we sponsor 15 children who do not have the funds to continue their education.  These students are bright and contribute as tutors for their classmates.

We have loaned funs through Edify for a computer lab for the high school and a new classroom for the primary school.

There is also a unique partnership borne out of Sunripe Farms Rwanda that was started by SageView Foundation.  There are almost 100 workers on the farm.  Many of their children do not go to school or are not receiving the education they need.  Over 70 children have been sponsored to attend the two Edify schools nearby and they receive two meals a day while also receiving the benefits of attending a private school with a Christian foundation.

Read about the story of Godfrey Lugoloobi, whose life was personally changed through education, and how he’s now making an impact in the lives of Rwandan children here.


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