Sunripe Farms

Education Takes Center Stage at Sunripe Farms

Education Takes Center Stage at Sunripe Farms

Sunripe Farms in Rwanda boastsmultiple greenhouses and in-demandvegetables for the local market in Kigaliand for export to nearby regions includingbell peppers, tomatoes, green beansand habanero chiles. Since inception,a primary goal of the Farm was to support thelocal community by creating opportunitiesfor the citizens, which today includes abustling school attended by 81 kindergartenand elementary school students, 20 highschool students, five university students,and one student working toward her MBA.

Beyond that, the savings groups that firststarted in 2022 are now in their secondyear with even more participants, learningmoney management fundamentals aswell as business savvy from their peers.

The community that has developed froma small farm started a few years ago hasgrown almost as quickly as the farm itselfand it remains a key area of focus for theSageView Foundation.

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