SageView Foundation Spotlight: Akilah Institute

The SageView Foundation partnered with Sage Community Foundation has many opportunities to partner with organizations supporting women and children in crisis by creating opportunities for work and education.

As part of this initiative the SageView Foundation/Sage Community Foundation has been proud to sponsor Francine Mukasine and Queen Mutoni, Business Management and Entrepreneurship students at the Akilah Institute in Kigali, Rwanda.

Francine and Queen were scholarship students at a rural high school where they were at the top of their class and were selected to receive full scholarships for the two-year degree offered at Akilah.

Prior to CoVid19, in January of 2020, our founders, Mary and Randy Long, brought two refurbished laptops from the US and presented them to our students.  The two women had been requesting computer time on shared computers at school and had not been able to study on the weekends or at home.

Like in many other places around the world, schools and universities in Rwanda had to transition to remote learning last spring. Despite challenges, nearly 90% of students at Akilah Institute were still able to successfully complete the 2019-2020 academic year, a testament to the university’s and the students’ hard work and perseverance.

“It was my first time using online learning. At first it was really challenging because I had never done it before, but I received support and help from my colleagues and it became easier to navigate,” said Queen.

The challenges presented by CoVid19 were mitigated because both Francine and Queen were able to use their personal computers to study on-line throughout 2020.

Francine and Queen have recently returned to in-person learning and are on track to graduate later this year!