Who We Are

PB+J was founded with the understanding that no one should die from lack of food. With the compassion that can only come from God, He put the small country of Malawi on our hearts. The need is great in this area, but starvation is a problem that is solvable. To fight this issue PB+J built a manufacturing plant in Nkhoma, Malawi, producing fortified peanut butter packets. These packets are given to children and adults experiencing malnutrition, or to those who are in the mist of severe starvation. These packets provide a very packed jolt of nutrition, micronutrients and protein, quickly putting the children/adults on the road to recovery. On weekly outreaches we evaluate up to 300 children a day, with those children, and parents, seeing medical clinicians, sometimes for the first time in their life.


Our belief is one should not separate the acts of compassion from the God who gifts compassion. With that belief we look for every opportunity to spread His Gospel message so the sweet people of Malawi know the One who sent us to them. Spiritual food providing nutritional food.

Core Purpose

PB+J strives to follow Christ’s example of compassion so others see Jesus through us and our service, always looking for opportunities to share His Gospel of love. We make every effort to achieve excellence in reputation and execution while enjoying life, having fun and offering a smile to all we encounter.