Outside The Bowl

outside-the-bowl-1Outside the Bowl helps eliminate physical and spiritual starvation by building super kitchens in developing communities. These kitchens are built and equipped in the US and then shipped to locations outside the United States and constructed on site. They are run by local staff and after one year have been proven to be sustained by the local non-profits that receive the food at lower price than they would be able to provide it for. This saves other organizations time, effort, and money and allows them to focus on meeting the needs of those in crisis. There’s a global emergency that most of us don’t understand.

Meanwhile, one-sixth of the world’s population is going to bed hungry. When hunger hollows out the body, children are susceptible to diseases such as diarrhea, malaria, and acute respiratory infection. This basic need overcomes their existence and every five seconds, a child dies because of it.

Outside the Bowl’s mission is to acknowledge this crisis and love the people it affects by partnering with established organizations; feeding thousands, year after year; and teaching communities to care for themselves.

But through it all, OTB’s greatest calling is to glorify God by serving His people.

A group from the Irvine office travelled to Mexico to experience firsthand how the kitchen operates and to test out the food being served! The SageView Foundation supports Outside the Bowl in Mexico and is also helping to fund the new kitchen to be built in 2015 in George, South Africa.