Outside The Bowl

outside-the-bowl-1For 821 million people, being hungry means more than missing a meal. Hunger and malnutrition rob individuals from living full, productive lives. It is a global crisis where one in nine people are going to bed hungry.

Malnutrition hits children the hardest. If children do not receive proper nutrition before the age of five, they can be physically and cognitively stunted. This means that their bodies and brains are kept from developing to their full God-given potential.

Outside the Bowl is eliminating physical and spiritual starvation by building Super Kitchens in impoverished urban areas. OTB’s Super Kitchens are operated and staffed by nationals in Haiti, Mexico, South Africa, and Malawi. These centralized kitchens are producing thousands of hot, nutritious meals which are purchased and distributed by local ministry partners. Ministry partners find that these meals allow them to effectively, efficiently, and sustainably feed the most vulnerable in their communities. As physical hunger is alleviated, hearts become open to hearing the good news of Jesus.

A group from the Irvine office traveled to Mexico to experience firsthand how a Super Kitchen operates and to test out the food being served! The SageView Foundation supports Outside the Bowl in Mexico and helped fund the Super kitchen in George, South Africa.


Watch this video to learn more: