Many Hopes

Many Hopes believes that loving and educating a network of children who have endured the worst of poverty and exploitation is the best way to equip them to eliminate the causes of injustices they and their neighbors have suffered. They believe that the answer is to raise up new influencers. They raise up children who have experienced the consequences of corruption, and will have the ability to influence their leaders, or replace them and lead differently.

Immediate impact:

  • Rescue orphaned and abandoned children from situations of abuse and provide them with loving homes and equip them with excellent educations.

Long-term impact:

  • By changing their upbringing, they remove them from a culture of abuse and replace it with a culture of accountability.


  • Boys homes
  • Rescue and Housing for Girls Homes
  • Building a School
  • Legal Advocacy

SageView Foundation was made aware of the efforts of this organization through Stephen Popper, from the Boston Office, while serving on the Board of Many Hopes and helping to raise funds and awareness.

Defeating poverty isn’t about aid alone, it’s about developing leaders and enterprise… a generation of Influencers.