Grace Opens Doors

The primary focus of Grace Opens Doors is to come along side local leaders in Southeast Asia and to listen to their needs as they serve according to their giftedness and then establish partnerships with local church leaders who are on the ground meeting the needs in their communities.

Vision: Serving in Unity of Purpose

Values: Relationship is built when a leader’s vision is understood along with their ideas, assets and partnerships are formed that are tailored to meet the local need.

Commitment: Grace Opens Doors is committed to support identified needs through empowerment and serving along individuals in relationship.


grace-opens-doorsSageView Foundation has specifically partnered with this organization to purchase land in Cambodia. There will be housing structures built on the land in 2016 that will provide a safe place for women rescued out of trafficking. Education, counseling, and vocational rehabilitation will all be components of the program that the women will have access to.