Build a Miracle

Build a Miracle was formally established as a nonprofit corporation in 2001, but the true origin dates back to October 14, 1985, the day the founders, Chris and Julianne North, met while painting the dormitory of an orphanage and boys home in Tecate, Mexico.

As with anything, Build a Miracle started out as a journey. A journey to gather family and friends and to build one house a year. People got so excited about helping, that they soon realized they would need to start a non profit. People are generous. People want to help. People care. All they need is a good program to care about. This is a program where people truly need help. A program where they can see that they are changing lives.

That’s what Build a Miracle is – a simple program that has grown because of the passion of it’s supporters. A program where hundreds, actually thousands, of lives have been changed on both sides of the border. People in Mexico have had their lives changed, not only because they have a safe and decent place to live, but because they have hope. People who don’t even know them have helped them to have a better life. People in the U.S. have had their lives changed because that’s just what happens when you experience the power of giving of yourself to another.

SageView Foundation has supported Build a Miracle for four years and have partnered with them to build a sport court and activity center that is the heartbeat of the work that is done daily. Teams have visited from the Irvine Office and have seen first hand the transformational impact in the community.