Tago Family

tago2Above is the Tago family, the parents are Yuni and Andreas with their daughter Visilitas and son Velerianus. Visilitas is almost 5 and Velerianus is almost 3 years old.

Yuni and Andreas are rice farmers who mostly farm in the wet season and survive on a monthly income of about $150. Then not farming they sell dried coconut flesh (copra) for fuel. Yuni is currently 5 months pregnant with her fourth child. The house in the picture behind them is shared with 12 other family members; meaning 16 people are living in a relatively small Sumba House.

They are both from the Rajaka area of West Sumba where we began the Sumba Foundation Malnutrition Program about 3 months ago. If they weren’t participating in the SF Malnutrition program they would primarily be eating rice with a little bit of vegetables. Velerianus has gone from 10 kg to 11 and Visilitas has gone from 13 kg to 14.2 kg, we are looking forward to sharing the gains they achieve by the end of the intervention.