Mary Rose Mukamulisa

Mary Rose Mukamulisa and her children live in the Ntarama Sector that was devastated when the Hutus and Tutsi clashed during the genocide. This project brings members of both tribes together to help build homes for widows. Once the community comes together to build the foundation Comfort My People provides the materials for the walls and roof to go on the house. In an area where people once used their strength to demolish homes they are now using their strength to rebuild for those in need. This is a testimony to all who witness the joy and hope that was brought to Mary Rose and her children.

Be prepared to have an exception year, we started this year with a blessing to build houses for two widows by name Mary Rose Mukamulisa, who have five children, another one is Alphonsine Muhawenimana who have also three children, and one old man by name Nsigariye Jean Damascene who live alone in Ntarama Sector, Bugesera District. This is a project which is impacting many lives, genocide in this Sector was terrible which divided the society very much, but today because of this we can see hutus and tutsi come together from different churches and denominations to build houses for widows. We know that during genocide many people used their strength to demolish peoples house but today they use the same to build houses for needy. Last Friday we had a meeting with Sector leader to emphases on that and show other people how this project can bring different tribes close to each other in this area. They can testify by themselves how they see love from one another through this project and it is a miracle for them to own a house, it makes me think more about Jesus, said “I’m going to heaven to prepare a place for you, these people have seen a picture of heaven on earth right now, that is the answer to the pray let your Kingdom come, all of us will own a house in heaven which will not be demolished any more, those houses will have been constructed by Jesus himself. This is the ministry of Jesus Himself now and forever.