Nichole Labott

Nichole is a committed volunteer at fundraising events for C2 Adopt.

Supporting children who come from abuse and neglect through the VA Foster Care system is a cause very close to my and Scott’s heart. VA is dead last of the 50 states with regard to a foster care child making their way through the system to a permanent adoption. This organization locally serves to combat that awful statistic. What I personally love about C2Adopt is that they serve the “waiting children” first while many other agencies focus on infant adoptions as the rates of success are so much higher. I can’t resist passing on a picture of our favorite very resilient 13 year old who is boarding a bus for her very first weekend mission trip to SW Virginia with her Youth Group. She was successful in finding a forever home thanks to organizations like this. We will be forever be thankful for this organization that for helped us navigate a very broken system.

There are so many more children like Faith waiting for parents and a permanent home.