Michael Coelho

Michael CoelhoIn partnership with Austin Christian Fellowship, Mission Discovery allowed me the privilege to serve the fine people of Haiti last summer. Mission Discovery provides short term mission opportunities for people who have a heart to serve, but need a chance to plug in. I have been on several mission trips to Mexico, but this was a whole new level of poverty and chaos. We spent the week doing various service projects in 3 different orphanages. My favorite orphanage was called Bon Samaritan. Over 100 kids from 2-18 live in a 3,500 square foot structure. I witnessed firsthand as we took inventory of the pantry, that they often times run out of food. There is so much need the task seems daunting, and yet the kids are so happy and just want to play, and see every picture on your phone. I got a special glimpse during my visit when one of the house moms was just sitting for a brief moment and talking with me. She was not seated for 5 seconds before two three-year old children came and sat on her lap. An eight year old girl walked buy with some rice she had just made when the house mom signaled for her to stop so she could have a bite. She broke off a small piece of this sticky rice, and put some in her mouth. The rest was consumed by the two kids on her lap, and another standing behind her. I soon learned what true service looks like. She had no personal space and she had not had a meal all to herself in a long time. God loves these people and I am forever changed by my experience. I look forward to joining my new friends at Bon Samaritan this coming summer.