Charlotte Valentino


valentino2 valentino3I have had several opportunities over the last year to serve with various charities thanks to SageView Advisory. In 2014 alone I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, ChildHelp, and Stop Hunger Now. The most impactful experience to me was working with Habitat for Humanity. Our office partnered with two other local businesses to sponsor the building of a new home for a family in need. It was undeniably fulfilling to see the project through from beginning to end and to experience the joy brought to a truly deserving family. We spent months performing construction work and spending time with the family, in which we gained insight into how beneficial this home was to them. To see the home built from the ground up was extremely rewarding for the volunteers. While onsite, the family experienced the process first handedly and saw their life change day by day. To watch their faces light up as their new home was constructed was life changing. Working with Habitat for Humanity gave me a chance to make a big difference in the life of an honestly deserving family and I would recommend this chance to help others to anyone.