Brenda Tarjan

El Salvador… the smallest and poorest country in Central America, luscious landscape, rich in culture but yet literacy is an enormous dilemma in this country. Little did we know, that a country so near and dear to our hearts was facing such a challenge. On December 29th we were given the opportunity to establish a Learning Resource Center for an elementary school in the rural town of Arcatao, population of 3,000. To see these children’s faces when we delivered over 800 books in English and Spanish, laptops, dictionaries and thousands of necessary school supplies was emotional, uplifting and a true blessing. We have traveled to El Salvador multiple times over the last 15 years, but this specific experience opened up our hearts to their daily struggles and their strong desire to move towards secondary and university level education. We continue our stewardship to this humble town throughout the year hoping that one book can change the lives of hundreds. Stricken by poverty and war… El Salvador is trying to rebuild itself.