PhotoSpeaks: Pushing the Education Agenda in Eritrea through Bicycles

By: Maureen Murori
Reprinted from: Edufrica
All photos are courtesy of WBR


Caption: Students in Eritrea receives 220 bicycles from World Relief Bicycles in partnership with other organisations.

Among many other reasons why children in Africa are not able to access education is the long distance from home to school.

Despite the fact that in some countries, primary and secondary school is free in public schools, many students are demotivated by the long walk to and from school and some opt out at an early age.

World Bicycle Relief Organization (WBR) works towards closing this gap by providing a means to get to school faster and safer.

With the Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Program in Africa, WBR donates bicycles to students, teachers and education workers in the rural areas.

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This has not only made it easier for the students but has also increased their motivation to learn despite the long distance covered in search of education.

Two weeks ago and for the first time, WBR distributed up to 220 bicycles to students in Eritrea. The distribution was made possible through the collaboration with The National Eritrean Cycling Federation, Team Africa Rising, the Eritrean Ministry of Culture and Sport, the Ministry of Education and the UNDP.

The initiative which was funded by the 9th annual 50 Mile Ride for Rwanda, will help the student-beneficiaries in Eritrea travel the long distances, faster and with much ease. Consequently, this will increase school attendance and boost academic performance.

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See pictures of the event below:

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