Multiplied Meals in Mexico!

By: Outside the Bowl
Reprinted from: “Lazaro’s Soup Kitchen”

Lazaro’s Soup Kitchen


“Like popcorn that keeps on expanding inside the pot”, God miraculously multiplied the food at Lazaro’s Soup Kitchen.

Enriqueta is the coordinator for the feeding program at Iglesia Betel. Lazaro’s Soup Kitchen is the ministry that focuses on serving the homeless, indigent and migrant people of the región. Enriquetta shares that after their partnership with Outside the Bowl began, “God has greatly manifested Himself by pouring blessings.” As a way to honor God for His faithful provision, everyone at Lazaro’s Soup Kitchen prays before each meal. Along with that has come one of the most authentic and distinct bible miracles- multiplication. “We normally prepare to serve between 120-135 people each day, but sometimes up to 190 show up.  Miraculously, most have the opportunity to have a double helping of food, so we really end up serving 200 portions of food daily.”

“One time, we were heating up our food, prepping to serve, when we glanced and noticed that there were many waiting outside, way more then usual. We prayed with faith, and as we stirred the food around inside the pot, we saw it – like popcorn that keeps on expanding and expanding inside the pot, the food began to multiply. Glory to God!”  That day, we fed almost 400 hundred people with only 200 rations of food!

Enriqueta also shares that this is not the first time this has happened at their Soup Kitchen, but that in two previous occasions, God also multiplied their food supply miraculously. She adds that even beyond the miracles, what they love most is that they can gladly and freely serve the people. “What we love most about it is that they rejoice! They come hungry and leave satisfied. For us that is, praise God, His love openly manifesting; so we give thanks and we tell them that it is only because of God’s love that they are able to eat until they are no longer hungry.” “Definitely feeding their stomachs is very important”, says Enriqueta, but at Betel they make sure that before sharing a meal, they share that which will satisfy the deepest needs of their soul- God’s Word. “I can see that God is doing something wonderful here.” Each week, at Betel people come to Lazaro’s Soup Kitchen and leave saved, having received Christ as their savior.  In addition, many have starting serving at the church and joining the special programs that the church has available.  Enriqueta says that “at first they were embarrassed to come to the house of the Lord because their clothes were dirty and indecent for God’s house. We took on the task of finding clean clothing for them, so they would not feel excluded amongst the other members of the church. Now, they even come on Wednesdays for prayer and Thursdays for bible studies.”  “We praise God for all that he does. He is the one that touches hearts.

We thank him for Outside the Bowl as well, because this was a door that He opened and that has been a huge blessing for us at Betel. We are not only grateful for the food, but for all that work in this beautiful ministry. I have always made it always made it a priority to pray for God to bless your hands, those which you use to work for him.”