Class Is In Session

Reprinted by: Many Hopes
All photos courtesy of: Many Hopes

Mudzini School opened to students September 4th after 4 years of planning and building and challenge. And of belief and generosity from you.

Thank you.

Children lined up at 8:20 am and were greeted with handshakes and “welcome” by the principal and then gathered in the dining hall to meet their teachers and head to their classroom. For some, this was the first time they have ever been in a school.

Eventually there will be 900 girls and boys across 44 classrooms. Today we started with 9 classrooms: 3 KG classes and grades 1-6. We hope that these pictures help you see and feel how you have helped create a school like no other. And how you have helped children take their first steps to college. Thank you.

This might seem like a strange photo to include in a recap of the first week of school, but it’s actually incredibly important because it illustrates the culture and pedagogy of Mudzini School. Instead of rows of desks and a teacher standing in the front of class, rooms have been intentionally arranged to foster group learning and smaller clusters of students. This models collaboration and treats students as partners in the learning process.

Our Founding Headmaster, Randy Plummer, sets an example of leadership at Mudzini School. Randy has led elite private school schools in the East Coast of the USA for 31 years and cultivates a collaborative and enquiry based learning culture.

At Mudzini School, education is a joyful process. Mudzini School will be known for the sounds of laughter and joyful shouts echoing in the classrooms and courtyard.

Teacher training in August 2017. Mudzini School’s teachers are all Kenyan, all passionate about education, and all committed to a style of teaching and learning that inspires children to ask questions and understand theories and concepts and principles.

This is not what the average classroom looks like in Kenya, because Mudzini School is not an average school. Students have small class sizes and engaged teachers that provide individual attention to each student.

For years this school has been a dream supported by a global network of volunteers. We are so happy to show you evidence of teaching finally taking place!

Reception area where parents come and parents go.

Grass and trees and waterways create atmosphere of life. This is the courtyard at Mudzini School. It is a beautiful gathering place.

Four stories high makes Mudzini School higher than the trees. But not as high as the hopes of the girls and boys studying here. This picture was taken a few months ago. To see a recent panoramic view of the trees in the courtyard, CLICK HERE!

The sun rising over Mudzini School represents a new dawn for the students that are filling its classrooms. As we look to the future we stand committed to raising a generation of leaders with an imagination for justice and the tools and network to act on it.