2017 Recap

SageView Foundation remains committed to a portfolio of giving that provides a global perspective and adheres to the vision set out in our mission statement:

We are privileged at SageView to be a part of finding solutions for those in need. Our focus for the Foundation is in two areas:

  1. To meet the needs of women and children in crisis by providing healthcare and education opportunities.
  2. To promote micro-financing initiatives that bring sustainable change to both local and international economies.

We advance our mission by coming along side other organizations that provide relief and hope.

There are three specific areas we focus on: Rwanda, Around the World, and Close to Home


Our founders have continued to seek out organizations that address gaps in support available to those in poverty in the Ntarama district of Bugesera, Rwanda. By having a broad footprint in one area we can work with other organizations and multiply the impact we make. This requires our daily involvement in the work and develops personal relationships.

  • Sunripe Farm Rwanda employs fifteen full time workers and over 20 day laborers with employment and agricultural training. They strive to set a standard that will improve each employee’s skills and equip them for success.
  • Women for Women International is currently providing intense training in life skills and vocational coaching to 76 individuals in an 18 month program to women who have received homes from SageView Foundation but still need our support .
  • Edify is a global non-profit that provides funds to Christian schools that have high educational standards. SVF has invested with Edify in a school near Sunripe Farm to build a computer lab. This will give the secondary school student from the rural area the skills they need to continue their education at a university..
  • Akilah Institute for Women has provided a two-year scholarship to a young woman from Bugesera. She will be able to graduate with a degree that allows her to lift herself and her family out of poverty.

As these new program’s take hold in 2018 and come to fruition we look forward to witnessing the impact that hope instills in the lives of individuals and families.


We have found that annual support of organizations whose mission and purpose is in line with SageView Foundation is another way to deepen our impact. Below are a few of our partners:

  • Grace Opens Doors is operates in Southeast Asia. We have come alongside them in Cambodia to help purchase land and build a compound where women rescued out of trafficking have access to healing, restoration, education and training.
  • Northrise University in Zambia has built a state of the art University that is inspiring hope and changing the landscape of higher education in that country. SVF founders visited the campus in 2017 to witness firsthand the facility and to learn from their model of sustainability.
  • Hope International has a presence around the world bringing their model of faith based savings groups and microfinancing to the poorest of poor with unparalleled success.


  • Employee Matching. Those employees that donate to an organization that SageView Foundation supports or to an organization whose mission statement meets the core values of SVF can request to have that donation matched.
  • Homes for Our Troops. As military personnel return to the United States with life altering injuries addressing their need for housing is paramount to their recovery. For their families access a home equipped to meet their specifications allows them to rebuild their lives
  • Progression Athletes International Provides programs that allow for the development of life skills as well as a safe place to build relationships with peers to youth who are in the foster system and at risk in America as well as other countries.

In closing, the desperate needs of others can be overwhelming…. We are grateful to have available to us the opportunity and the ability to respond, as we are called. It is an honor that we are always mindful of.

SageView Foundation