October 2014

HOPE International believes that when it comes to fighting poverty, charity isn’t enough. They empower families to provide for themselves by investing in the dreams of the poor through biblically based business training, business loans as small as $100, and savings services.

HOPE functions as a network of microfinance institutions, some initiated and fully funded by HOPE and other organizations they have come along side to offer technical and financial support in their pursuit of efficient and effective microfinance. Through this network, HOPE operates in 16 countries around the world, focusing on the marginalized and underserved – often women and children, or those in areas of war and corruption.

Co-Founders, Randy and Mary Long, had an opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic in October 2012 and Foundation Director, Kathryn Downs, went to the Dominican Republic in October 2014 to see firsthand the impact of Christ centered micro-enterprise.

The trip is a transformative experience as it involves education as well as attending bi-monthly loan collection meetings where loan officers interact with each loan recipient. As you are given the privilege of interacting with individuals who are committed to break the cycle of poverty you gain a deeper understanding of the challenges they face and the life changing impact a small loan can have for generations to follow.

SageView Foundation is planning a trip in 2015 for the SageView team to also have the opportunity to experience HOPE in action.